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Outgoing Students' Application Step by step

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From now on, you can apply for the study abroad opportunities online here: In this article, we will go through the new application process step by step.

If you haven't decided yet where you would like to go or you need guidance or help please contact your Faculty International Coordinator

If you have already made up your mind, you can start your journey by clicking here. If the site appears in Hungarian, you can switch to English in the upper right corner. 

If you would like to take part in Traineeship at an institution that has no agreement with the University of Pécs, you can start your application here.

In any other case, follow these steps:

On the first page, click on "Search".


On the next page, choose your Faculty: 



On the next page, the system shows all the available places where you can go. You can search for the name of the University where you would like to go. Plus you can search for different types of mobilities or levels of study. Please note that if you study in an undivided single-cycle master programme (e.g. General Medicine), you shouldn't worry about the study level of the given agreement you would like to apply to. Once you typed in the keywords you would like to search for (e.g. "University of Barcelona"), please click on "Find mobilities".



On the next page, the system will show all the results of your search. As you can see the mobility opportunities are divided by the study level and the type of mobility (study or traineeship). You can also find the study field of the given mobility under the study level (e.g. "Medicine" on the picture). Please make sure that you choose the relevant study field and study level. When you find the right mobility, click on "Apply now!". Make sure that you click on the righ button: if you would like to study abroad during the Fall semester, choose the upper button. If you would like to study abroad during the whole next academic year, click on the lower button.

If you are a student of the Medical School who applies for summer traineeship, make sure you choose "Fall semester". You will be able to further detail the months and dates of your mobility on the application form.


Clicking on "Apply now!" leads us to this page. Please click on "Become an applicant" to continue.



During the registration, you shall type in some basic data, and click on "Sign up and continue". Please note that the question "I have a reference code" is not relevant for you.


On the following page you receive your personal ID number, which you receive in e-mail as well. You don't have to literally write it down, but it won't hurt :) We can go forward: "I wrote it down, continue".


This page leads you to the application form. If you would like to apply for more than one mobility, you can add more choices by clicking on "+Add more choices". To finalize your application you have to go through the different chapters of the application form (Profile, Contacts, Mobility, etc.). When you finished answering all the questions and uploaded all the necessary documents, you can click on "Submit" to submit your application. Please note that you can find a list of the documents you need to upload at the checklist chapter. You have to upload these documents to the "Documents" tab.



After you succesfully submitted your application, you will receive e-mails about the further steps. If you have any question or if you face any difficulty during the application, please contact us at 

You shall not pass!