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Further to accommodation in Pécs, incoming students have two basic options. They may stay in a dormitory or seek for alternative accommodation.

Stay in a dormitory - Szántó dormitory


  • Those who asked for Hostel/Dormitory accommodation will be placed in Szántó dormitory in a 2 person bedroom!
  • We do not have a single room so do not ask for that! You will have to share a room with another student!
  • You can choose your roomate upon arrival, please note that we have a first come first served principle!
  • About the paying options you will get more information when you moved in, so you don't need to pay before coming to Hungary. But once you have moved in you will be charged for the whole month, there are no reductions in case you arrive later in the month!

 The monthly rent will be 40.000 HUF/person ( 1 euro =310 HUF) even if you stay 1 night or 30 nights!

The building was fully renovated in 2011. The students can spend their every day life in XXI. century conditions. There is an apartment system. In every unit there are 2 rooms with 2 beds. In each unit, you can find a kitchen and a bathroom. Bus stops are nearby. You can find the Adult Education and Health Sciences campuses in the neighborhood. The Medical, Humanities, and Natural Sciences campuses are just a few minutes away by public transport or on foot. There are two rooms available for handicapped persons in the building.


Pictures of the dormitory:




  • Every three weeks: change of bedclothes,  cleaning of the bathroom
  • Every week: vacuum cleaning, emptying of trash bin
  • Emptying of trash bin upon request at the reception (weekdays, between 8-14 hours)


Post office, shops, pubs, restaurants are quite close.

If you do not agree with these conditions let me know on time that you cancel your accoodation as we need every bed as we have a waiting list!



Rented accommodation

For incoming students who require superior quality accommodation, rented flats are an alternative. Renting a flat can provide students with the peace, comfort and privacy they require. 

Student Housing offers a free apartment-finding service for students. They have the largest database of apartments for rent in Pécs from 30.000 HUF/month.

What they offer:

  • houses, apartments and flats for rent
  • roommate search
  • apartment listings can be viewed at
  • their website is updated daily!
  • they make appointments with the landlords
  • they take you out by car to view apartments
  • they give you a rental contract

Choose your favourite apartments on their website, write them an email and leave the rest to them!



Zsófia KasóÉva Fodor
Address: Faculty of Medicine, H-7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12
Mobile: +36 30 215 5513
Tel: +36 72 536 227
Facebook: StudentHousing


You shall not pass!